what show is this

happy endings

this is me tho

this is me tho

Beck - Novacane
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Nocacane - Beck


i wonder how many people i’m in the “i’d be down if you asked” zone with

i have no idea what genre you would say odelay is but i want more of it


"How many?"


real life people i know posting the 50 shades trailer and being excited for what will certainly be a mess of a movie like please

my old coworkers kids both got engaged/married really young and any time she sees a couple where she knows at least half she asks if that “their fiance” or if theyre engaged like turn down

"Taxes pay for the gayest stuff. Who pays for the library? Taxes. Parks? Beaches? The army? They pay for the policeman and the fireman too if you think about it; I just can’t wait for the day I walk by a policeman and I tell him, ‘I pay for your outfit!’"

and then he told me to visit chicago and sent me the gif of the kfc ketchup packet where the ketchup comes out the eyes? and we’re talking about scott aukerman now

and now he complimented my beard?

my cousin i havent talked to in years just sent me a few tim heidecker videos on facebook and is drunk and just asked if he could drunk dial me? whats happening?