i think moshe kasher is my friend now


oh grandpa *laughs* what was christmas like in the 40s?

literally didn’t

yeah cause youre 70 do you even know who they are?

yeah we all had a 3oh!3 phase admit it


im literally freaking out over a fake presidential debate


sam just said “do you mind if i talk to you while we walk?”

thats the whole goddamn show

i forget that flashbacks mean mrs landingham im so happy

joey lucas is so important to me

im pretty sure the only record store day release i care about is the cage the elephant 7 inch


New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6

i had a dream where john mulaney was my brother (this was the first time me met but we both knew it and interacted like i do with brian) and i played his brother on his tv show. he came in to jo anns and i was ringing him up at the register and a couple of friends were just sitting with us at the register and we were cracking jokes and stuff and i remember crying laughing when one of my friends had a question for one of us and john just goes “who plays him on the show?” and in the meantime a big line started forming and everyone was getting pissed cause i just wasnt doing anything but talking with john and not calling for backup and i finally did and that person just stayed up there because i wasnt getting anything done

Welp one level overheated my laptop so I guess I’m done for tonight

Spiderman just said he couldn’t do something because he was too busy being “filled with angst” and the level title was a pun I love this game