this is my favorite homeless gay tumblr

#1 gay homeless tumblr in the country

just made a giant salad and im ready to eat it excitedly like the mom i truly am

the fact that scott aukerman signs off of “U Talking U2 To Me?” by saying “I hope you found…what you’re lookin’ for” makes me think we would get along

someone found my blog by searching “fuck yeah beards” then went through 5 pages of my tagged/me holla

all but one of the things i sent out last week have made it to their destination

one to go

am i supposed to watch this episode of cj and her dad and not be on the verge of tears the entire time? because thats what im doing


"where’s an ashie to vent to when you need one?"

*i appear*

the clouds parted and a heavenly chorus began to play

i just ate Too Many mini kit kats

i always read the articles that are like “Comedian under fire from offensive joke” cause then i have to know what the joke is